AT 83, Carlingford resident Malcolm Ferguson has been forced to care for Bambara — a bushcare site in the Devlin Creek wildlife corridor — on his own after two of his mates couldn’t help any more.

The trio, who were known by Hornsby Council as the ‘‘Three Blokes’ Bushcare Team’’, had spent almost 15 years restoring an area of bushland important for wildlife such as the gang gang cockatoo, powerful owl and the eastern bent wing bat — all listed on NSW’s Threatened Species Conservation Act.

But under the council’s duty of care, sites must have at least two people working together at any time, which means Mr Ferguson can now only volunteer when a council employee can supervise.

‘‘I used to do this once a week and now I’ve hardly come down here in a couple of months,’’ Mr Ferguson said. ‘‘The weeds are starting to get out of hand. Everyone likes to come walk through here but no one wants to help.’’

A council spokesman said Mr Ferguson had ‘‘greatly improved the bushland in the area’’.

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(Test and picture courtesy of Hills Shire Times)

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