A small band of environmentalists determined to re-establish the riparian area along 6 kms of Byron Creek. Byron Creek was the last area of the Big Scrub to be cleared by settlers for grazing land, very few remnants remain but what we do have has showed us what we need to put back.

We work every Saturday morning for about 2 hours on one of four main sites on a rotating schedule. Mostly we are just maintaining the areas we have established and trying to protect them from major weed invasions, the current one being Balloon Vine. The major planting along the sporting fields in Bangalow stretches around 1km long and was started in 2000. 14 years of work continues with removing  woody weeds and adding to the planting. Many trees have established and started fruiting, some self regeneration can be seen but much work has still to be done to return this area to the Big Scrub.

Other areas we work on are the Bangalow Park Wetland built by our group in 2013 to filter storm water from the town and planting on the far side of the creek from the park started in 1998. Weed control is the main work in these areas. No new plantings are planned at this time due to lack of volunteers to help maintain them.

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