Work in Begonia Road Public Reserve

Natural and Cultural Heritage

  • Soil derived from Wianamatta Shale and Hawkesbury Sandstone
  • Vegetation community Syncarpia glomulifera - E. paniculata – Angophora costata Sydney Turpentine- Ironbark Forest and: E.pilularis- A.costata- S.glomulifera Tall Open Forest


Conservation Status

  • Sydney Turpentine - Ironbark Forest vegetation of State conservation significance as it is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995)
  • Tall Open Forest is of local conservation significance Reserve contains significant bushland habitat


Condition / Impacts

  • This is a relatively small reserve with a core bushland area that is generally in a healthy condition, although there is little sign of regenerating canopy species (fair). Weed infestation does occur along the creekline and adjacent residential properties and is particularly severe at the end of Butterfield Street and behind residential properties here (very poor).
  • Stormwater
  • Encroachment


Overall Condition

  • Poor


Main Weeds

  • Wandering Jew, Privet, Jasmine, Pittosporum, Montbretia, Coral Tree, Canna, Lantana, Honeysuckle, Mist Flower, garden escapes.
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