Scone Salinity Planting

Scone Schoolies Save City* from Salinity (*not a city)

Scone Salinity Planting

Scone Schoolies Save City* from Salinity (*not a city)

Taking Action -


The issue

Urban salinity is a major issue in many towns, increasing urbanisation compounds the problem. Houses and important infrastructure in the town of Scone in the upper Hunter Valley are showing signs of salt damage.

The solution

Upper Hunter Shire council along with Hunter Region Landcare Network organised community planting days to revegetate a gully running through town to both increase biodiversity and to minimise water drainage from urbanised areas.

Friday involved plantings by school groups from all the local schools with a number of students bringing their parents back for more planting on the Sunday.

Funding was obtained from Bengalla Coal with plants donated by Cressfield Stud, Aberdeen Men's shed fired up the barbeque keeping the crowd fed.

Partner organisations: Hunter Region Landcare Network, local schools, Upper Hunter Shire Council, Aberdeen Men's Shed, Bengalla Coal, Cressfield Stud

The impact

About 150 students as well as a couple of dozen members of the community planted approximately 800 trees, shrubs and herbs, future plantings will continue downstream helping to manage salinity and increasing urban biodiversity.

Key facts

  • Urban salinity affects buildings, roads, infrastructure as well as gardens and other vegetation.
  • Changes to water movement both above and below the ground allows salt to rise through the soil profile.

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