Getting Seedy

Direct Seeding Field Day at Martindale.

Getting Seedy

Direct Seeding Field Day at Martindale.

Taking Action -


The issue

Large scale revegetation with limited resources is difficult with results often quite hit and miss, direct seeding may be an option to overcome some of the difficulties encountered. A field day was run at Martindale in the Upper Hunter to foster interest in direct seeding.

The solution

On Sunday 25th November around two dozen people got together at Martindale to talk about direct seeding.

Organised as part of Hunter Councils Nine Valleys Project (with the assistance of Hunter Region Landcare Network, Martindale Creek Catchment Landcare, Hunter Local Land Services and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation) the day was to discuss and demonstrate the use of direct seeding in revegetation works.

A number of tools and techniques were discussed by Martin Driver of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation and Steve Field of Fields Environmental Solutions including a demonstration of a vehicle towed direct seeder (with seed donated by Greg Major of Future Harvest).

While direct seeding is regularly used in mine site rehabilitation and in other regions it has rarely been used in the Hunter but with trials under local conditions could represent a cost effective means of revegetating large areas.

Partner organisations: Hunter Region Landcare Network, Martindale Creek Catchment Landcare, Hunter Councils, Australian Network for Plant Conservation, Field's Environmental Solutions, Future Harvest

The impact

The field day was the first of a number of activities designed to promote and to examine the feasibility of direct seeding in the Hunter Valley. In addition to the field day funding has been granted by Hunter Local Land Services for the establishment of a seed bank and trial sites will be established in the Merriwa area.

Key facts

  • Tree planting is very resource intensive often requiring extensive follow up and maintenance.
  • Direct seeding can be an efficient way of revegetating large areas
  • With the exception of mining rehabilitation little direct seeding work has been done in the Hunter
  • Trials are needed to ascertain the best techniques for local conditions

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