Putty Creek restoration funded

Three Valleys Landcare successful in Environmental Trust Grant

Putty Creek restoration funded

Three Valleys Landcare successful in Environmental Trust Grant

Taking Action -


The issue

Putty and Gibbs Creek Valley floors have been damaged as a result of historic agricultural use and uncontrolled grazing.  The native vegetation communities are under threat by weed invasion from blackberry, provett, robinia, and tree of heaven.  Three Valleys Landcare Group based at Putty, concerned about their local waterway, would like to see it regenerated to a healthy creek system with clear water free of sediment with native vegetation lining the riparian zone, providing habitat corridors for local wildlife.  They have also recognised a strong need to educate the community about sustainable land management practices including appropriate stream crossings, agricultural practices, fencing and retention of native vegetation along the Creek. 

The solution

Three Valleys Landcare have been caring for the land in the Putty area for many years.  Renewed interest from new and existing landholders enabled the group to formulate a plan to improve the upstream reach, approx 2.3kms, of Putty Creek beginning above the confluence with Gibbs Creek.  With assistance from several stakeholders including Local Land Services, Hunter Region Landcare Network, National Parks and Wildlife Services and vegetation consultants, a grant application was submitted to  the NSW Environmental Trust for a 3-Year project.  The works include fencing off all riparian areas for stock exclusion, selective revegetation, staged weed control, and community field days.  Community effort and contractors will be engaged to carry out the project work.

The impact

The application was successful and Three Valleys Landcare was awarded $99,827 under the 2018 round of the Restoration and Rehabilitation program from the NSW Environmental Trust to undertake the works on Putty Creek.  As part of the in-kind contributions, the group is establishing a native nursery to grow locally endemic plants for the project.  Seed collection and propagation training will be provided from contractors to upskill members of the group. The project implementation plan has been put in place and the group looks forward to  seeing this project through for the benefit of the whole community.  This is Stage 1 of a larger goal to see all of Putty Creek restored in the future.

Key facts

  • Community and stakeholders working together
  • 2.3 kms of Putty Creek to be restored
  • Funding of $99,827 for restoration works

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