Landcare community representation and advocacy

Landcare NSW helps grassroots Landcare engage, communicate, and influence organizations and governments at the State and Federal level that play a role in natural resource management policy and resourcing.

Landcare NSW benefits grass roots Landcare by:

  • Being the single point of contact to advocate on behalf of its Landcare members and bring a united front to government and others on what is of importance to Landcarers;

  • Providing a state wide focus for co-ordination to find answers that assist Landcare groups go about their business;

  • Being a think tank, and providing an opportunity for representatives to learn from each other and take back new ideas, and lessons to their own areas.

Landcare NSW speaks through its endorsed representatives, these are appointed annually. The endorsed representative has an important role to bring issues forth, debate and seek solutions, as well as carry back messages to their Landcare community.

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