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18th NSW Weeds Conference - Calls for Symposium Abstracts

The conference will held in Cooma in Oct 2015. The conference organisers are calling for abstracts for a symposium on Weed Management for Conservation on 13 October 2015.

This symposium, sponsored by NSW National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) will highlight new, innovative and successful methods to manage weeds for biodiversity and conservation outcomes. It will consist of nine sessions on day one (Tues 13 Oct) of the 18th NSW Weeds Conference. We will bring together a series of talks that discuss research and inventive ways to improve conservation outcomes, as well as explore ways to balance investment in weed management across the ‘prevention, eradication, containment and asset protection’ spectrum to improve conservation objectives.

The organisers are seeking contributions from land managers, community groups, researchers and others involved in weed management for conservation, regardless of land tenure. We are also keen to receive abstracts that include examples of multi-stakeholder and cross-tenure collaboration that lead to better conservation outcomes.

Presentations will be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions. Full papers are expected for each presentation, with a maximum length of 4 pages. These will be subject to peer-review and submitted to Plant Protection Quarterly to be considered for publication.

“Speed talks” will also be considered: These are 10 minute talks with no time for questions. These should be accompanied by a poster and abstract (full paper is not necessary, but can be considered).

Abstracts are due 27 February and should be submitted through the conference website.

See the 18th NSW Weeds Conference website for detailed information about the conference

and click here for more information on how to submit an abstract.