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Apply now for funding from the Recreational Fishing Trusts

Grant funding are now available from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts

Over the years, the Trusts have provided funding to a wide range projects including:

  • recreational fishing enhancement - fish aggregating devices, artificial reefs and fish stocking
  • recreational fishing education - fishing workshops, Fishcare volunteers, schools education, fishing advisory
  • fishing access and facilities - fishing platforms, cleaning tables, safety infrastructure & other facilities, enhancement of fishing access
  • aquatic habitat rehabilitation and protection - grants to remove barriers to fish migration, replanting & protecting river bank vegetation, restoring water flows etc.
  • research on fish and recreational fishing - fishing surveys, biology of popular recreational species, angler catch projects, effectiveness of stocking etc
  • enforcement of fishing rules - fisheries officers


For more information please click here for the NSW Department of Primary Industries website.

Applications close Tuesday, 9 December 2014.