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Apply now for the 2015 NSW Landcare awards - Coastcare Award

This award will be made to a community group/network for excellence in activities that have contributed to the significant improvement of local coastal and/or marine environments, including estuaries, coastal and marine wetlands and salt marsh ecosystems.

Three finalists will be selected in 2015, with one of the finalists being selected to become the NSW nominee for the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

In 2013 the following nominees were the NSW Finalists.

  • Brisbane Water Secondary College (students pictured collecting litter).

Students and teachers at Brisbane Water Secondary College (BWSC) have been involved in the Foreshore Clean Up project, coordinated by MacMasters Beach Surf Life Savers Club and administered by Community Environment Network, with funding through the Hunter Central Rivers CMA’s Marine Debris Program. The program operates by utilising volunteers in sea kayaks and surf club inflatable rescue boats and BWSC have surveyed many km’s of shoreline and removed over 15.5 tonnes of rubbish. This project is a great example of a variety of organisations working together to improve their local environment.

  • Grassy Head Nursery Reserve Trust

Grassy Head Nursery Reserve Trust established activities in 2003 and is run by a reserve trust - volunteers who oversee and manage a nursery facility and associated activities. The nursery is volunteer run with 12 regular volunteers and affiliated groups and works with a range of partners, propagates coastal seedlings, reduces weeds and encourage natural regeneration and assisted revegetation of the local dunes, rainforest, swamp and saltmarsh environments. The nursery involves local Living Skills groups, assisting them with activities to support a mental health program. They also work closely with Grassy Head Dune Care with 8- 18 regular volunteers to restore northern areas of Grassy Head coastal environments- Littoral Rainforest, Themeda Headlands and Coastal Vegetation. The Nursery also supports mutual obligation programs, and runs volunteer activities 2 days a week, almost every day of the year!

  • Trees in Newcastle


Trees In Newcastle has been regenerating and revegetating the Newcastle coastal strip since 2002 with a regular volunteer crew and a bush regeneration trainer. After a decade of coastcaring significant achievements have been made with 76,000 local provenance plants planted over 410 weekly coastcaring  sessions and 16,700 volunteer time provided..


The selection criteria for the Coastcare award in 2015 are:

  1. Describe the projects undertaken by the group/network that have increased community awareness and engagement with coastal environmental issues linked to local and/or regional environmental/ natural resource management plans.
  2. How has the group/network's activities improved the sustainable use and/or management of coastal natural resources? Provide examples of results.
  3. Demonstrate how the group/network's activities have targeted the causes and symptoms of local coastal environmental issues.
  4. How has the group/network developed local and/or regional partnerships for Coastcare activity? For example with local councils, businesses, school, other community groups, academic institutions etc.
  5. What challenges did the group/network encounter in the development and implementation of coastal protection activities and the strategies used to address these challenges?

Please click here to submit an online nomination on the Landcare Australia website

Applications for all NSW award categories close 31 May 2015. Don't miss out!