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Apply now for the 2015 NSW Landcare awards - Indigenous Land Management

This award will be made to an outstanding indigenous community group or individual that is working towards improving land use and/or enhancing or protecting an area on behalf of the community.

Three finalists will be selected in 2015, with one of the finalists being selected to become the NSW nominee for the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

In 2013 the following nominees were the NSW Finalists.

  • Murries on Barwon

The Murries on Barwon (MoB) group consists of 7 local Aboriginal community members from the Mungindi area. These local people share a passion for learning through vocational training and mentoring, allowing them to implement natural resource management using best practise techniques on land owned by the Mungindi Local Aboriginal Land Council

  • Winangkirri Aboriginal Corporation
The Winangkirri Aboriginal Corporation has leased the property ‘Mawonga’ in the western rangelands of NSW and has entered into an Indigenous Protected areas and a conservation covenant process. Mawonga was part of the place where young Aboriginal boys were taken by the men for their initial journey. The Corporation is working with TAFE in running a trainee ranger program to enabling Indigenous training, employment and ultimately management of Mawonga by local community members. The Corporation is removing huge numbers of feral goats to protect the habitat and population of Malleefowl on the property. The Corporation is also fencing art sites on the property to deny goat access. The Corporation is engaged in a traditional burning project with the Lachlan CMA to restore areas of native grassland on the property, in conjunction with soil erosion works, weed control and fencing of threatened Curly Wattle populations.

  • Rod Mason (pictured)

As a young man, Rod Mason started his landscape management work with the Guriwal Aboriginal Land Council where he participated in the “Train the Trainer” program.  This involved guiding Aboriginal students on how to manage their new walkway, plant out regeneration areas and identify local species using signage in language. Rod has not given up on his dream to reintroduce traditional land management practices and to inform and re-awaken peoples understanding of indigenous culture. Rod is reintroducing past knowledge around the living environment, the plants and animals that are here now. Through Rod's work, many people are beginning to understand through the eyes of our First Australians a way of understanding our biodiversity.

The selection criteria for the Indigenous Land Management award in 2015 are:

  1. Describe how the group or individual looks after country including land and / or sea. What sort of work has been undertaken?
  2. How has the group or individual used indigenous ecological knowledge and traditional or other land management practices in their work?
  3. What kind of impact has the group or individual had in the community by looking after country? For example, has the work created jobs for Indigenous people in the community, have young people learned new skills or had traditional ecological knowledge passed on to them?
  4. Demonstrate how the group or individual has worked with others on the project. For example with community elders and others within the community, or any other groups or external organisations.
  5. How has the group or individual shared Indigenous land management practices and techniques with the wider community?
  6. What challenges has the group or individual experienced in working on country and how has the group or individual responded to these challenges?


Please click here to submit an online nomination on the Landcare Australia website

Applications for all NSW award categories close 31 May 2015. Don't Miss Out!