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Apply now for the 2015 NSW Landcare awards - Landcare Community Group

This award will be made to an outstanding community group that is working towards sustainable land use and/or is undertaking on-ground action to protect, enhance or restore an area on behalf of the community.

Three finalists will be selected in 2015, with one of the finalists being selected to become the NSW nominee for the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

In 2013 the following nominees were the NSW Finalists.

  • Ballina Coastcare Incorporated (pictured)

Ballina Coastcare manages/coordinates personnel and resources for volunteering on coastal/urban bushland restoration and community education. They have one monthly and four weekly working bees; public grant funding. promoting local Landcare. Its goal is to rehabilitate the coastal zone and add ecological and amenity value. It has a regional/State-wide reputation for scientific, community-connected, well-planned/managed/delivered work. Over 180 hectares of dunes and bushland have been transformed.

  • Little River Landcare Group Inc

The Little River Landcare Group was established 17 years ago around Yeoval and Cumnock in Central West NSW to address the need identified by the community that Landcare needed to be delivered on a catchment scale, as opposed to small social networks. In forming the organisation, a catchment scale vision was established and work between the existing Landcare groups and other stakeholders became collaborative and effective.

  • Tarabandra Hills Box Gum Biolinks

The Tarabandra hills, south of Gundagai, were once known for all the wrong reasons.  These steep hills are highly visible from the Hume Highway and unique in that they are surrounded on three sides by the Tumut and Murrumbidgee Rivers.  Overgrazing and stock camping resulted in them being severely degraded and native vegetation has been replaced with an abundance of weeds. Soil erosion and nutrient run off are a major problem and clearly evident, particularly after summer storms. Over the past 5 years, a small group of dedicated landholders in the Tarrabandara area near South Gundagai have been working together to address this problem.  What makes this project innovative is the way in which 12 adjoining landholders are working together to make a significant difference to their unique landscape.

The selection criteria for the Landcare Community Group award in 2015 are:

  1. Demonstrate how the group has developed a cutting-edge approach or process to achieve outstanding environmental outcomes.
  2. Show how the group has used comprehensive plans, as a basis for their group's activities. Include a copy of these plans and demonstrate the physical, strategic management or other attributes of the group. Plans may include property and/or group and/or catchment plans.
  3. Provide examples of how the group has repaired degraded land/environments, prevented degradation and/or has achieved some on-farm and/or community benefit from its on-ground activities.
  4. Show how the group has sought advice, worked with and involved the wider community, other Landcare/community groups, government, business and schools, in the development and implementation of its plans.
  5. Demonstrate how the group has shared and communicated its ideas, plans, skills, and results (e.g., through field days or education campaigns), to encourage others (i.e. not involved in the group) to participate in Landcare practices and projects.
  6. Describe any challenges the group has faced in the development and implementation of cutting-edge Landcare practices or projects, and the strategies used to address these challenges.


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Applications for all NSW award categories close 31 May 2015. Don't Miss Out!