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Apply now for the 2015 NSW Landcare awards - Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator

The Australian Government Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator award will be made to a Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in establishing, linking, supporting, enabling, and developing Landcare and/or production groups/networks that participate in sustainable farming practices and on-ground natural resource management, and/or implementation of innovative land management approaches in peri-urban areas*. The term innovation in this award should be defined as the demonstration of early adoption, excellence and/or leading-edge projects or practices.

Three finalists will be selected in 2015, with one of the finalists being selected to become the NSW nominee for the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

In 2013 the following Landcare Coordinators were the NSW Finalists.

  • Kylie Falconer

Kylie has been the GLENRAC Community Support Officer (based at Glen Innes) since November 2007. As of April 2013 Kylie has built the organisation from having only one executive position to having up to additional 5 casual staff and has raised GLENRAC's project funding from $120,000 to $440,000.

  • Louise Hufton (pictured)

As the Harden Murrumburrah Landcare facilitator for the past 23 years, Louise Hufton has motivated members to embark on ambitious projects to address the serious natural resource issues of the region whilst maintaining and improving productivity. For those addressing their land management issues Louise is there for discussing options, planning, exploring funding possibilities and encouragement to get started. In 2014 Louise won the National Landcare Award in this category.

  • Lyndal Wilson

Lyndel Wilson started as the Community Support Officer with Macleay Landcare Network in 2010. Since this time she has been instrumental in not only building the network which now supports around 200 annual members but employing a staff of 5 and has attracted over $1.65 million in funding for a variety of NRM projects for the Macleay catchment.

The selection criteria for the Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator Award in 2015 are:

  1. Demonstrate how the Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator has successfully established, linked, supported, enabled, and developed Landcare and production groups with a particular focus on one or more of the following: sustainable farming practices, biosecurity and on-ground natural resource management. Activities that could demonstrate this are:
      1. Facilitated partnerships and leveraged resources to enhance group/network capacity to deliver projects
      2. Coordinated and facilitated on-ground projects to address natural resource management priorities
      3. Coordination and dissemination of information to farmers and farming groups, and/or peri-urban landholders
      4. Leveraged funds to enable farmers, landholders and/or groups/networks to improve farming and/or land management practices
      5. Organisation of field days and seminars
  2. Show how the Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator has made a substantial contribution to improve NRM or sustainable farm management practices at the local group, network, regional, or state Landcare level.
  3. Demonstrate how the Landcare Facilitator/Coordinator has worked to enhance farmer and/or landholder, or group/network awareness of innovative natural resource management practices and has supported the adoption of these practices.
  4. Describe any challenges encountered in the development and implementation of Landcare projects and/or the introduction of new land management practices, and the strategies used to address these challenges.



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Applications for all NSW award categories close 31 May 2015. Don't miss out!