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Apply now for the 2015 NSW Landcare awards - Young Landcare Leader

This award will be made to an individual between the ages of 15-35 years who carries out and/or promotes excellence in Landcare through on-ground or awareness raising activities, as a volunteer or paid employee. You may nominate yourself or a person from your community for this award.

Three finalists will be selected in 2015, with one of the finalists being selected to become the NSW nominee for the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

In 2013 the following nominees were the NSW Finalists.

  • Kane Davison

Kane Davison is a 21 year old weeds technician who is an active member of Central West Lachlan Landcare. Kane has developed a strong working knowledge of natural resource management and sustainable agriculture through both his professional work and his personal interest in the topic which he is keen to share with other young people within the community. Kane is a strong communicator with people from all works of life and is able to clearly communicate his knowledge with all groups from school children through to local landholders. Kane has worked as a mentor of the Central West Lachlan Landcare Youth Leadership Group and has worked with indigenous youth at Peak Hill in developing their weed identification and management skills.

  • Zhan Patterson (pictured, on right)

As an environmental educator Zhan Patterson worked with youth in the Hawkesbury area, to empower them to identify and address local environmental issues by implementing solutions. Zhan engaged 13 schools/youth groups, working with them to identify a specific environmental issue, and coming up with a practical solution to that problem. This project went beyond the on-ground aspects – it enabled parents and teachers to ‘step back’ and observe their young leaders take on strong roles within their own school communities and develop changes within their homes. Through this project and input into a youth project with Hawkesbury Nepean CMA (Source to Sea), Zhan was successful in creating place-based connections between youth groups and volunteer experts.

The selection criteria for the Young Landcare Leader award in 2015 are:

  1. Provide examples of cutting-edge and/or excellent Landcare practices that the individual has implemented in their local area, and/or how they have helped others implement these practices.
  2. Demonstrate how the individual has displayed leadership, and encouraged others in promoting or implementing activities that improve natural resource management outcomes; (e.g. by speaking to schools, media, landholders, groups, councils etc).
  3. How has the individual trained and helped others in developing their Landcare practices and skills?
  4. Describe how the individual has been a champion for Landcare, through their achievements in environmental sustainability projects or their role in planning and organising Landcare- associated initiatives.
  5. Provide examples of the ways the individual has communicated environmental/natural resource management issues or raised awareness about Landcare to a wider audience (including the use of media, social media, events, speeches or presentations, posters, letters etc).
  6. Describe any challenges the individual has faced in the development and implementation of cutting-edge and/or excellent Landcare projects, and the strategies used to address these challenges.


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Applications for all NSW award categories close 31 May 2015. Don't miss out!