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Colin Seis wins the 2014 Bob Hawke Landcare Award

Colin Seis, a New South Wales farmer and pioneer of pasture cropping, has won the 2014 Bob Hawke Landcare Award.

The Bob Hawke Landcare Award celebrates an individual who has been involved in championing the Landcare ethic and inspiring others to take action on their own property or through a Landcare group.

Colin Seis was presented with the award by former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, at the National Landcare Awards in Melbourne last night, beating finalists Sam Archer from New South Wales, and Cam Nicholson from Victoria.

Colin invented and developed ‘multi species pasture cropping’ (pasture cropping), helping produce food for the growing human population while restoring grasslands and soil, and thereby the sustainability of farms. Pasture cropping is now internationally recognised by leading crop scientists.

For further details on Colin Seis' achievement please click here for the Landcare Australia website.