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Four more new Landcare Factsheets !

A few weeks ago we introduced six new factsheets that will help Landcare in dealing with governance issues. We now have four more factsheets.

These factsheets will provide you with links to governance websites, help demystify accounting jargon and Landcare acronyms and give advice to groups thinking about going on to Twitter.

As with the other factsheets, these factsheets were funded under the NSW Landcare Support Program.

The factsheets may be found under the Landcare Resources section of the Landcare Support NSW gateway site.

Alternatively, click on the titles to view the individual factsheets:

Factsheet 18: Twitter for Landcare Groups - when is Twitter the right option and how to get results?

Factsheet 22: A-Z Governance Directory for Landcare - recommended online resources for your group

Factsheet 26: Accounting Terms for Landcare Committees - a glossary of commonly used accounting terms

Factsheet 27: Acronyms Glossary for Landcare - a list of commonly used acronyms in Landcare