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Has your Facebook feed disappeared from your Gateway site recently?

It's not very common, but if it's happening to you...

A gremlin between here and Facebookland is knocking out the occasional Facebook feed on the Gateway. We have only found three feeds so far and we are putting a temporary weblink on the sites we have found.

If it has happened to you and we haven't given you a link yet, please contact us by clicking the Contact tab right at the top of the Gateway site and we will put the link on.

Needless to say, our tech support is on to this and looking at what we can do at our end.

Thanks for your patience.

Update - some of the Facebook feeds the gremlin is eating are genuine pages but we notice that it has a particular appetite for feeds that go to personal Facebook profiles.  We encourage groups to set up a page for their Facebook presence (Have a look at our Factsheet here). We will put a link back to a personal profile, but the groups that use them should consider setting up a real Facebook page.