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Needing help to complete your Landcare Essentials training?

Support is being rolled out by Tocal College to support our 80 or so students.


The Landcare Support Team at Department of Primary Industries has been working with Steve Honeywood and Warren Ingram from Tocal College to deliver our Landcare Essentials training.  All our participants have now completed a two-day workshop on setting groups goals and planning and have just all finished their one day association governance workshops.

With the face to face component of the studies complete we move into the homework completing phase of the studies where participants get to reflect on there current plans and governance structures.  After which participants will undertake studies in some budget and project reporting units online.  On the successful completion of the work participants will have half the units required for a Diploma in Community Coordination and Facilitation.
If you are one of our Landcare Essentials participants - there are currently opportunities to get some support in completing your studies. Steve Honeywood is offering the chance to touch base via teleconferences and an online forum. Contact Steve directly if you would like more information on these support tools or any other questions you have on the course - Steve Honeywood T: 02 4348 1917  M: 0448 286804   E: