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Season's Greetings from the DPI Landcare Support Team

The team at DPI - William, Colleen, Marita and John would like to wish you a happy and safe break over the festive season and thank you all for your contribution to Landcare over the past year.
It has been a big year for us in the Landcare support team and we would like to share some of the achievements we have made in partnership with you and all the Landcare community.

Our highlight of 2014 is the uptake of Landcare groups listing on and using the NSW Landcare Gateway

There are now 1133 groups (about 40% of groups in NSW) with developed pages on the NSW Landcare Gateway   -  a major expansion  from the approximately  250 it had at the beginning of the year.

Other NSW Landcare Gateway achievements this year include
  • Each of the NSW Regional Landcare Facilitators now has their own site on the Gateway.
  • We now have a suite of Helpful Hints, Handy Tips and Online Help pages to give assistance to group members in establishing their own sites.
  • The mapping function has been modified to allow groups to chart their boundaries on their site map. This is a first for Landcare groups in NSW and we are encouraging all groups on the Gateway to map there project or group area.
  • The carousel on the front page of the Gateway and the NSW Landcare Support Facebook page are featuring the postings that groups make on the Gateway. We have been able to showcase many groups.
We trialed a Gateway workshop with LachLandcare in October which was a great success - we had groups creating gateway pages and mapping their group boundaries.  If any other districts or regions are interested in hosting a Gateway workshop for themselves and other groups in the area please let Maritaknow - we may have resources over the first half of 2015 to run a few of these workshops.

Many groups have done a lot of good work in improving their sites in the past year. Among the standouts are:
Our focus next year is to encourage groups with existing sites to upload new material on them. However , if your group isn’t on the Gateway as yet, you are still welcome to join at any time. If you need any help registering or logging onto the gateway contact John Perrott.

Thanks again from the Landcare Support Team - William, Colleen, Marita and John