Citizen science projects - platypus and rakali (water rat)

The Australian Platypus Conservancy has launched a citizen science program to record sightings of the platypus - the Australian Platypus Monitoring Network. If you routinely walk, ride a bicycle or otherwise spend time along a creek, river or lake, you could add to our knowledge about the distribution of this fascinating mammal. It requires only a relatively modest time commitment; information and registration details can be found on the APMN website, 

The Conservancy is also interested in learning more about the distribution and habits of the Australian water rat (rakali, Hydromys chrysogaster). This animal occupies an ecological niche similar to the otter and is similar in appearance. It is more widely distributed than the platypus and can be found in a wide variety of freshwater habitats, including swamps, ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks and irrigation channels.

Sightings of water-rats (including details of when and where the animal was seen) can be reported to the Australian Platypus Conservancy via the Reporting Form.  The information will be added to a secure data base, thereby contributing to an improved understanding of the species’ distribution and status in the wild.