Climate-ready revegetation in the Yass Area Network Landcare region

This project is a collaboration of Landcare groups within the Yass Valley. The goal is to help indigenous plant species persist under climate change by increasing local genetic diversity. The project has five parts as outlined below.

The project has five parts as follows: 1. Understanding our changing climate. 2. Identifying which local species are most likely to survive future climate conditions. 3. Sourcing seed for these species from other regions, including where current climate matches expected future conditions in our region. By increasing genetic diversity in this way, we hope to help local species adapt to future changes. 4. Adopting this seed-sourcing practice in our local Landcare nurseries and revegetation efforts. 5. Running experimental trials to examine the short-term success of plants in the field. For example, our research has shown that Dean’s Wattle (Acacia deanii) grows well in areas that are hotter and drier than the current climate for the Yass region. By bringing seeds from other areas, we hope to establish local populations with greater genetic diversity that will develop more resistance to heat and drought. This species is being monitored in the trials.