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Removal of the 'weed edge'

We have planted and regenerated an area which is hidden from the world by an edge of privet and lantana. This year we hope to remove the weedy edge and reveal our wonderful regenerated bushland.


Looking back it was the local council slasher/mowing team that really selected our bushcare site.

There was privet growing along the edge of the pathway behind the local school and the slasher removed a section of privet, opening up the possibility of an area for bush regeneration.  Our group was already working on a bushcare site nearby and once we saw this opportunity we could not resist moving our efforts into this new area. At first we concentrated on the cleared site, working down the slope towards the creekline.  We planted natives provided by Gosford City Council and have also had excellent natural regeneration on site.  Once this area was establishing we expanded into an adjacent area along the pathway behind an edge of privet and lantana.  Rather than removing the privet edge we retained it to form a natural barrier to weeds blowing into the site and to reduce foot traffic into our site.
Now with excellent regrowth we are ready to remove the weedy edge as a major project for 2015.