Significant Projects

River Action Plans – Upper Hunter:  Prepared plans for the Hunter River Kingdon Ponds, Middle Brook, Dart Brook section of the Pages River and Wollar Creek.  Assisted landholders to obtain funds for essential vegetation works to improve the health of streams in the Upper Hunter.

Vegetation Corridors for Environmental Hot Spots:

  • Stage 1 – Tree Planting Project on private land around Council’s Waste Depot.  Planted over 600 eucalypt, swamp oak and paper bark trees to reduce visual pollution and wind effects within the Depot, minimise rubbish displacement and improve security of the Kingdon Ponds aquifer.
  • Stage 2 – Banool Lane replacement of dead trees on private and Council land.  Planted native species endemic to the area.

Production of Local Native Species List & Planting Guide (in conjunction with Council).  Tree and shrub guide.

Olympic Tree Avenue:  Over 2000 trees planted along the northern and southern approaches to Scone, involving over 100 volunteers (Olympic Torch Relay project).

Dryland Salinity Education & Awareness Project:  Part of a larger project focusing on salinity research and monitoring and on-ground native vegetation plantings on a highly saline site.  Community education via workshops and information brochures.

Parsons Gully Revegetation & Improvement:  In conjunction with residents and Scone Golf Club a Rivercare Plan produced for Parsons Gully.

Kingdon Ponds Sports Field Enhancement:  Minimizing bank erosion through planting of native vegetation and weed control.  Meets objectives of the Rivercare Plan to enhance the riparian corridor and improve water quality.

Lunch Munchers Education Kit distribution to all Primary Schools in the LGA:  Adaption of the Kit (with permission) originally produced by Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA.  A whole of school curriculum based on composting an recycling.  Includes lesson plans and teaching notes.  Provided punnets of vegetables/herbs for school vegetable gardens and ongoing Landcare support.

Multiple Land & Waterway projects: On farms and other landholdings.