Induction and Training Workshop, March 2016

Resources relating to the "Learn Share Connect" workshop held 21-23 March 2016

Induction and Training Workshop Final Report

A copy of the final report contains information about the workshop .

The workshop was held at Stockton on the 21-23rd March 2016 and was attended by 170 participants.

The workshop was an important opportunity for the Coordinators and their hosts to learn about what’s expected of them as part of the LLC Initiative, to develop stronger Landcare Networks, and to build upon the partnership between Landcare and Local Land Services.  This Induction Workshop was the first of three workshops planned for the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative across the life of the program.

The goals for the workshop were to:

  • Learn about the program and contribute to building its value and legacy
  • Understand the requirements of the program for host organisations and Coordinators
  • Undertake training to build the capacity of groups or networks
  • Share ideas, tools and experience, and;
  • Network to build regional and State-wide relationships.


Resources available in relation to the workshop are available in the table below.  The grouping of presentations reflects the agenda item.

Induction Workshop Presentations


Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative - brief overview
Sustaining Landcare - The Landcare Trust Project, presented by Leigh McLaughlin and Margie Powell
Local Landcare - Understanding the people aspect of our business

Understanding People, presented by Julia Telford Engage & Create

Knowing your business, presented by Sonia Williams
The Importance of Planning - Achieving and Measuring outcomes

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Dummies


Planning with Purpose - Introduction

Planning with Purpose - Network, Strategic and Operational Plans

Planning with Purpose - Group Action Planning

Annual Planning Template

Partnerships and Leveraging - Building your resource base

Partnerships, presented by Chris Cumming Local Land Services

Biodiversity Workshops, presented by Deb Tkachenko
Communications - "Telling your Story"
Tips of Engaging with Local Member and Taking Good Photos
Skills for coordinators and committees - Building capability
Facilitation Session, presented by Julia Telford Engage & Create
Program Evaluation and Reporting
Evaluating the program, presented by Kate Andrews and Sonia Williams
Working together
Landcare in the bigger picture