LLCI Progress Report April 2018

The Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative is about to reach the end of its third year, and now as we move into year four, it is time to report on the great progress made so far.

Welcome to the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative – Report on Progress 2018

This report aims to tell the story of the Initiative and to highlight some of its great achievements of the last three years.

This report is designed to be read by a broad audience; by our representative Minister: the Honourable Niall Blair, his advisors and his colleagues in Parliament. 
By the leaders of agencies such as Local Land Services, NSW Environmental Trust, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and others. The report was submitted to Minister Blair on 30 April 2018.

It may be used to bolster conversations with philanthropic organisations and other potential partners.

It is designed to be read by the Landcare Community, the Coordinators and their Hosts, to help them reflect on their achievements as part of a bigger system. And it is designed to provide a platform for adaptive management in the implementation of the program.

This report on progress not only discusses some of the activities of the Initiative, but provides a snapshot on how the program is performing against its key performance indicators. This progress is presented in a report card style dashboard. The dashboard considers success of the Initiative’s four implementation components.

We ask the question; are we doing what we set out to achieve? Are we doing things the way we should? What needs to change? What is the future?
This report is as much about telling the story and highlighting success as it is about providing a platform from which we can launch not only the next 12 months of the program but any opportunities for the extension of the Initiative going forward.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all those who not only contributed to the development of the Progress Report, but to all the Landcarers and Government Officers would participate and support the LLCI to make it the great success that it is proving to be.

Download the report here:

LLCI Progress Report - April 2018