Statewide Gathering Sydney, March 2019

Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative State Community of Practice - March 2019.

The third workshop of its kind in the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative was held at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence at Redfern on 18-20 March 2019, and was attended by 120 participants.

The event was a gathering of Landcare Coordinators and host organisation representatives with the aim to continue to build stronger Landcare Networks in NSW and to build upon the partnership between Landcare and Local Land Services.

Presentations from the event are available below.

Presenter Presentation
LLCI team - State Coordinator & Program Manager  LLCI Program Update
LLCI Next Steps
Landcare NSW, CEO Adrian Zammit Landcare NSW, Where is it at?
Paul Ryan, Australian Resilience Centre Is Landcare future-ready?
Three Horizons
Three Horizons Framework
Three Horizons Kit
LLCI Program Evaluation How to Evaluate
Biodiversity Conservation Trust BCT
Jo Palmer Making technology your Committee's new BFF

The premise of each Breakout Session and or Open Space was intended to be guided by the practice of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations, which is underpinned by the Four Fold Practice.

A further exploration of good collaboration is also outlined in Groundwork and the Nature of Organising, A Practice Guide by James Ede and Rowan Simonsen. The Groundwork Model focuses on the 6 foundations of powerful collaboration and has much relevance to assisting us in our gatherings and meetings.