Sustaining Landcare Project

Sustaining Landcare is all about developing a sustainable funding model for long term support of the volunteer effort across NSW

While I firmly believe we will always rely on some form of government funding, I am also convinced it’s time for us to evolve as a movement  – and look at how we can contribute to our own longevity. – Rob Dulhunty, Chair Landcare NSW.

The Sustaining Landcare Project, currently funded as a component of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative, builds on the successful relationships that Landcare has created over many years with government, community, business and philanthropic partners.

A sustainable long term funding model is needed for the services and structures that support Landcare groups.  Just as Surf Life Saving, the Rural Fire Service or State Emergency Service need professional support to allow them to focus on the important work they do as volunteers, so does Landcare.

Sustaining Landcare will research appropriate models to secure and manage on-going funding. Landcare will continue to work with State, Federal and Local Government partners but also explore avenues to generate new funding sources.  These might include industry and corporate partnerships, philanthropy, donations, local and statewide fundraising, fee for services, bequests and membership.

For more information see the Landcare NSW site or contact Melissa Joseph - Landcare NSW, Sustaining Landcare Project Manager