Groups "Tell their Stories"

Under the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative, one of the products has been the development of a case study template that allows groups to “tell their story”.

The feature is available for all groups who have a Gateway page – simply log in and choose “add new case study”.  It’s a great way to produce a summary report on any activity or project your group has done – it is visible as a web page view, or can be downloaded into a PDF format that can be used as a flyer, inserted in a report, or even blown up for use as a poster.

In completing case studies you are letting everyone know the great range of things that groups do – and are adding to an online library of activities that allows groups and individuals to Share Learn and Connect. We do hope you take the opportunity to tell your story by submitting a case study or two.  Go to for instructions, and contact your local Landcare Coordinator who can help.  When you submit your case study it will be reviewed and once endorsed will be visible.  Check out the case studies that have been completed so far.