Work in Hull Road Reserve, Beecroft

Natural and Cultural Heritage

  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone & Wianamatta Shale with large sandstone outcrops evident
  • Vegetation Community E. pilularis- A. costata- S. glomulifera Tall Open-forest with E. saligna also present
  • Street trees at the site are heritage listed and are regarded as being of local heritage significance
  • Site falls within Beecroft Heritage Conservation Area (Hornsby Shire LEP, 1994)

Conservation Status

  • Reserve comprises part of an urban fauna habitat link
  • Locally significant vegetation community

Condition/ Impacts

  • This small riparian reserve has remnant canopy trees present as well as dead trees with hollows.
  • The reserve is surrounded by residential development.
  • Overall condition is good
  • Stormwater outlet
  • Encroachment from adjacent residential properties
  • Previous dumping
  • Informal tracks

Main weeds

  • Palm Grass, Wandering Jew, Balloon Vine, Impatiens, Ginger, Castor Oil Plant, Monsteira, Banana, Privet, garden escapes


  • Large remnant Blue Gums and exposed sandstone bedrock on site.
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