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Farm Expansion Workshop

Building skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about farm expansion opportunities

Waste Warriors - Narrandera Public

What’s rubbish and what is not?

Daisy Day at Wirraminna

Paying it forward between community groups

#tree planting Biodiversity Native Vegetation Landcare

Platypus priorities in creek systems

Responsible fishing habits and suitable habitat are essential for Platypus survival.

Supporting landscape recovery through drought, fire, and floods.

The Macleay Valley has been severely impacted by the sequence of drought, fire, and floods that swept across eastern Australia in the 2019-2021 period.

Friends with Benefits - Supporting the post-fire recovery of mutualistic insects

Purple Copper Butterfly post-fire habitat restoration project

Driving Corridor Connectivity

Grassy Box Woodland enhancement project

Weaving understanding through words, relationships and sharing skills

to improve our land, water and biodiversity and embed Aboriginal Cultural Values into Landcare

Wildlife Safe Havens

Supporting threatened wildlife

Squirrel gliders DO live on Nail Can Hill 2021

A Community Nest Box project

Revegetation action post fire

Landcare groups supporting largescale and widespread tree planting to boost biodiversity following Black Summer bushfires

Combatting privet and other weeds

Gwymac and Nullamanna Landcare join forces to reduce the impact of weeds on the local environment

Satellite Mapping for the Grazing Revolution

Mid Lachlan Landcare is proposing to use satellite imagery and mapping systems to facilitate their Growing the Grazing Revolution members with weekly estimates on pasture biomass and groundcover.

Gee Gee Bridge Revegetation Project

Revegetation of the original road approach to the dismantled Gee Gee Bridge

Soil – Digging Deeper

Helping landholders learn about Soil Biology

Roaming Landcare

The potential of established outdoor clubs to provide support to Landcare/Bushcare groups in Greater Sydney

North West Native Plants - How to recognise high value bushland

Guided walks through beautiful settings that demonstrate diversity, structure, recruitment and connectivity attributes of good quality native vegetation.

Reigniting the spark to plant.

Thinking global, working local, very local.

Winter Dung Beetles

Schools and landholders working together to breed a winter active dung beetle, Bubas bison