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Upskilling NSW Oyster Farmers

Free training secured for 156 oyster farmers

NEW Aquaculture

Dogs Camera Action!

Seeking data on the existence and distribution of Vulnerable species in the Gwydir Shire.

NEW Threatened entities Education Habitat

Farmers Together

Gwymac Inc partnered with Swan Vale Landcare Group to host a two day event in Inverell and Glen Innes to provide a farmer to farmer information exchange about the benefits of collective bargaining together as well as the benefits of establishing co-ops and to discuss opportunities for other farmer driven initiatives.


Carbon Farming and What It Means For You

Gwymac Inc partnered with Nullamanna Landcare Group to address the topic of soil carbon and carbon farming - identifying the importance of carbon sequestration in soils, the important role soil carbon plays in agriculture, its role in offsetting emissions and how farmers can earn income by improving their soil and therefore improving the resilience of the agricultural sector.


Fauna at Five Corners

Gwymac Inc was looking to host an Information Day and Field Trip to Nullamanna's private nature reserve called Five Corners to raise awareness of the value of conducting your own nature surveys and the fun of becoming a 'Citizen Scientist'.


Your Nest Egg, Your Future

Gwymac Inc partnered with the South West Inverell Landcare Group in order to host an Information Day with a view to addressing the issues facing aged farmers in the district when they are no longer active on their farm and seeking to retire.


Rural Women Shining in Regional Businesses

Gwymac Inc partnered with one of its ‘opportunity’ Landcare Groups called Ag-n-Chat in order to promote, support and display rural women with a regional business who were leaders in their field and could provide inspiration to other women in rural areas.


Soils for the Future - Part 2

The second of Northern Slopes Landcare's Soils for the Future workshops, "Road to Regen", featured Joel Williams, International soils presenter from Integrated Soils, and Former Farmer of the Year - Grant Sims


East meets West

Mid Lachlan Landcare offers Regenerative Agricultural Education Tours to urban students of all ages connecting people to sustainable food and fiber production and strengthening links between city and country.

Regenerative Agriculture Education Sustainable Agriculture Salinity

Soils for the Future - Part 1

The Soils for the Future Project involved a series of soils workshops encouraging the uptake of soil regenerating farming practices . The first of these workshops was "Healthy Soils, Nutritious Foods Healthy People", with renowned speaker Dr Maarten Stapper.


Atlas of Life Budawang Coast

Development of online database for species records: Identifying a need and making it happen!

Biodiversity Estuary Habitat Coastal Plains & Ranges Community Beaches

Engaging young people in Landcare

Shoalhaven Intrepid Landcare Expo

Youth engagement

Compost Demonstration

A compost demonstration on a local Central Coast avocado farm

Horticulture Soils Regenerative Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Workshops

Art for Trees Sake

How are young people grappling with the death of thousands of Ribbon Gums in the Monaro landscape?

Biodiversity Education

Community partnerships bring healthy results

A partnership between nine local organisations has delivered benefits for the groups, the community and the local environment

Growing the Bottom Line #2

Innovative producers regenerating the land through sustainable and ethical practices

Momentum on the Deua River

A six year grant funded Landcare project to restore a 42km stretch of the HCVAE Deua River