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Grant Simms Industry Tour

A Tour of Grant Sims multi-enterprise farm where he gave attendees a tour of his biofertilizer manufacturing facility, explained how it works and why he decided to start making his own

Dung Beetles Workshop

Workshop showing the community the benefits and value of Dung Beetles on farm and within our eco system.

Rice & Red Gum Timber Industry Residue Value Adding

Researching potential opportunities to convert waste organic material generated from local primary industries into biochar and the potential economic, agricultural and environmental benefits.

Industrial Hemp Trial

Trials to establish the benefits of hemp production within the region.

Industrial Hemp Pre Feasibility Study

A Pre-Feasibility study found that hemp production offers Western Murray farmers.

Biochar Cluster Group

Trials will be used as a stepping-stone to further explore options for organic waste conversion to biochar in the region.

Integrated Cross Tenure and Cross Border Box Thorn Removal Program

Community Pilot Project to showcase what can be achieved by community driven process for future focus area activities.

Edward Wakool Land Stewardship Incentive Program and Environmental Assessment Pilot

Exploring the growing market for environmental goods and services

Environmental Assessments: Biodiversity Accounting

Biodiversity market opportunities to create income via land stewardship

Farm Carbon Accounting Pilot

WMLIG have investigated soil carbon sequestration opportunities for landholders in our region by undertaking a detailed analysis of the current soil carbon levels and correlated market opportunities

Natural Resource Management (NRM) education and awareness

Increasing NRM knowledge and understanding in the next generation.

Bioblitz in Yanco

Collaboration to bring biodiversity and conservation to Yanco Primary School

EDITOR'S PICK Biodiversity Education

Comedy festival outback shows

Coonamble , Tooraweenah comedy time. Finally.

Community Mental Health

Drought forewarning

Using new technologies to track approaching drought and respond with better management decisions

EDITOR'S PICK Mapping Monitoring Climate

Heuston, We Have a Problem!

Singletonians Successfully Snipping Suspicious Shrubbery

Fire, rainforest, resilience

Restoring the Nightcap connector forests and communities: Nightcap Resilience project

EDITOR'S PICK Connectivity Cultural Heritage

Green Day - not just one day but everyday!

An evolution of a signature event - after 14 years how do you keep it relevent?


Stakeholder review reveals key insights into Regional Landcare Coordinator Implementation

Stakeholder consultations reveals the challenge and opportunities for strengthening regional approaches in the Central Tablelands. This research and consultation process provides key insights and recommendations to inform future planning and decision-making processes for regional approaches in the CTRLN area.

Central Tablelands Mycology May 2022

Mycology May is a regional collaboration between Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network, DPI Mycology team and the Biodiversity Conservation Trust NSW.


Climate Wise Planting

Supporting people to make a difference