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Landcare NSW Membership

Landcare NSW membership fee includes three standard policies including Public & Product Liability, Volunteer Workers and Association Liability cover.

The policies are designed specifically for the Landcare community to enable member groups to safely and effectively undertake their invaluable work, safe in the knowledge they have appropriate and adequate insurance cover in place.    

Visit the Landcare NSW Membership page for further details - Landcare Group Membership - Landcare NSW or to make a group membership application  BECOME A LANDCARE NSW MEMBER GROUP - Landcare NSW

Resources for Landcare NSW Member groups

The Landcare NSW Members portal offers member groups access to a suite of resources including guidelines and templates all designed to help you and your group’s invaluable work as Landcarers. Landcare NSW members can login to the Landcare NSW site here https://landcarensw.org.au/login

If you have questions on how to log in or would like other resources added to the portal, please email memberships@landcarensw.org.au