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This is an opportunity to build on and invest in the professional skills of our Local and Regional Coordinators and to recognise that they are often highly qualified people who are passionate about the ethic and the value of Landcare.This program component aims to invest in the working people of the NSW Landcare Program, to support training, capacity development and other good modern workplace practices.

This component will be developed and delivered by the Program Team in consultation with the goals that are identified by coordinators in the regional and local priority plans. 

It's a wrap. As always, the Muster provided enormous amounts of information

We are now in the process of compiling this and reviewing the evaluation of the event. We will provide this and answers to You Asked We Delivered in due course. Thank you to all who contributed. 



Induction for Local Landcare Coordinators

We are currently organising an induction for local coordinators who are relatively new in their role and might like to understand the program better and who may have questions on the priority plan and how it should be used. We have reached out to most of you, but if you did not receive an email and would like to be part of this, please email lchapman@landcarensw.org.au

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Insurance available for landcare groups

If you're looking for a competitive package to cover your activities check out what is available specifically for landcare and similar groups. The Landcare NSW Insurance and Membership Program provides Public Liability and Volunteer Workers coverage PLUS Association Liability (if applicable) which covers a range of risks including Professional Indemnity, Officers & Directors Liability and more.

Visit the Landcare NSW Membership & Insurance portal to get an on-line quote for your insurance requirements, progress to pay for your membership and policy, and then be able to access your membership certificate and certificates of currency whenever you need them with your group log-in. 

Visit http://landcarensw.org.au/membership-insurance/ for more information.