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NAB funding helps Wauchope Group get up and running!

Community Group formation Public Lands and Reserves Revegetation / Planting Resources for volunteers

Art for Trees Sake

How are young people grappling with the death of thousands of Ribbon Gums in the Monaro landscape?

Biodiversity Education

Community partnerships bring healthy results

A partnership between nine local organisations has delivered benefits for the groups, the community and the local environment

Community Regeneration of native vegetation Revegetation / Planting

Growing the Bottom Line #2

Innovative producers regenerating the land through sustainable and ethical practices

Momentum on the Deua River

A six year grant funded Landcare project to restore a 42km stretch of the HCVAE Deua River


Getting through the Dry

Planning for how to survive the predicted continue dry times in the area

Weed control Western Slopes & Plains Climate Sustainable Agriculture Livestock Workshops Soils Planning Cropping Grazing

Working Dogs, Helps Communication

Working dog Clinics have been shown to assist with communication techniques for individuals. Dogs are fantastic communicators and teachers.

Workshops Communication tools

Marquee for Event Hosting

Marquee proudly funded by Landcare NSW and the Regional Australia Bank.


Microbats on Farms workshop

Working for you while you sleep

Pulling a Swifty

A Swift Parrot winter walk through Ingalba Nature Reserve, Temora

Threatened entities Native Vegetation

People are Power

Growing the Next Generation of Community Leaders

Koala-ity Care for the Locals

Building community capacity to support koalas on the Liverpool Plains

Farmers learn the latest about fruit fly management

Central Coast horticulturalists gathered to attended a workshop to learn latest sustainable practices for managing fruit fly

Horticulture Pest control Workshops Sustainable Agriculture Education

Euston Landcare Gets Started

Euston Regional Landcare Inc puts together their first project - Low Stress Stock Handling

EDITOR'S PICK Education Workshops Group re-building

Floral calendars, pollen, nectar and bees

Using a bee forage garden to attract more pollinators and volunteers to the Orange ELF Community Garden


Relocating our Landcare nursery

Moving our nursery to the Bathurst Agricultural Research Station

Unleashing Landcare's storytellers

Using digital media to communicate the power of Landcare

Ecosystem super heroes

The Goulburn Landcare Community teamed up with WIRES to present Bat Night at Workspace 2580 in Goulburn on 28th March.

Regeneration of native vegetation

Fertile Ground Celebration Dinner

The Celebration Dinner was a chance to profile the synergy that Landcare has with the community.