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Back to Bulgandramine Cultural Gathering

National Reconciliation Week at the Back to Bulgandramine Cultural Gathering

Burrendong Arboretum Bus Trip

As part of the Swainsona Recta Project, CWLL hosted a bus Trip to the Arboretum

On-farm compost making workshop

Farmers on the Central Coast learn skills in making compost on their farms

Soils Workshops

Bringing the Stuttering Frog back...

Reintroducing the Stuttering Frog to the Cambewarra Ranges in the Shoalhaven

Monitoring Habitat

Shoalhaven Fox Control Project

Landholders and volunteers working together to control foxes in the Shoalhaven

Pest control

Jim Knight Memorial Landcare Award

In 2015 we started the Jim Knight Memorial Landcare Award in honour of Jim, the founding Chair of Clarence Landcare.

Holding back the Southern Front of the Cane Toad

Clarence Landcare have banded together with other Landcare organisations, NSW Government, contractors and the wider community aiming to slow/ hold the southern front of Cane Toads.

Consolidating Success of the Feral Fox Fighters Program in the Gunning Region

Gunning District Landcare is working closely with Local Land Services and the local community to maintain and strengthen the highly successful coordinated fox baiting program in the region.


Group Fox-Baiting Workshops Around Condobolin

Working Together Gives Landholders the Opportunity to Control Pest Animals More Effectively


Community Approach to Cats

Macleay Hastings Feral Cat Workshops

Pest control

Grazing Group

Making hard decisions with the support of your peers

Community Grazing

Grow Well, Live Well

Grow Well, Live Well: A partnership of community groups engaging youth, the elderly and other community stakeholders

EDITOR'S PICK Youth Mental Health Community

Fighting the War on Waste

Small things make a big difference - we just need to make a start!

When's Clarence Landcare's next AGM ?

Members and their families now look forward to our next AGM because in 2013 we changed the format for our Annual General Meetings (AGM's). We had so much fun this is now how we do it every year.

Managing established pest animals and weeds - sharing the message

Understanding the finer details of managing pest animals and weeds with the right people who can support landholders

MEPAAW Pest control

Supporting groups to manage pests and weeds

Group support and coordination critical to helping control pests and weeds!

Pest control

World Water Day Kayak

A chance to get on the water and learn about our mission.

Monitoring Aquaculture

“Weeds in Fodder” at Condobolin

Learning the Risks & Issues of Feeding Hay Carted from Other Regions

Weed control MEPAAW