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Sheep EID Workshop

Workshop showing the community the importance of EID from not only a biosecurity and animal traceability perspective, but as a practical on farm improvement through improved data quality and collection, time and labour savings and improved management of stock

Predicting Weather Patterns

Information session providing an overview of regional climate and climate projections

Making the Most of Weather and Climate Information

Accurate weather forecasting and ability to interpret climate data to help farmer decision making with management and planning

Water Market and Trading Information

Workshop to help understand the water market within the community.

Coolamon Connecting Corridors

This project highlighted the importance of linking corridors to enable natural ecosystems to regenerate, which in turn increases movement of fauna between the corridors for foraging and breeding.

Clean up Australia Day

On the 6th of March 2022 the Coolamon Landcare Group hosted a Clean up Australia Day event in Coolamon due to the amount of rubbish on the roadsides of Coolamon.

Community Foundation

To provide ongoing funding to build the capacity of the community to prepare for ‘chronic stresses’ and ‘episodic shocks’.

Community Energy Retail Hub

Investigating a vision to facilitate the development of a Community Energy Retail Hub that will incentivise the uptake of renewable energy for a fair price that will create local jobs.

Hearns Soil Aerator Trial

Soil Aerator trials to improve soil health, moisture holding capacity and reduce reliance on chemical inputs.

The Biosecurity Imperative

Understanding the importance of biosecurity, having a biosecurity plan and the implications of all biosecurity outbreaks.

Willow removal from Yass River

Yass Landcare works over decades to remove willows from Yass River

Identify Paddock Pastures and Weeds

Informative workshop and paddock walk to identity various native and introduced plant species

Maitland Landcare reborn

Landcare kicks off in Maitland through collaboration

Dunedoo Bicentenary

Dunedoo Bicentenary -Recognising our history, celebrating Reconciliation, Renewing our community and Landscape

What is it about Dung Beetles?

Building community awareness of the value of dung beetles for sustainable and productive agriculture


Nesting boxes installed near Kindra Forest

Using artificial hollows to mitigate habitat loss while educating youth about this issue.

Macquarie Marshes Field Day 2023

Paradise In Our Backyard.

Digging Deeper into Soils

Junee Area Landcare organized a six-day soil workshop series with agroecologist David Hardwick, aimed at helping land managers build their soil knowledge and increase their skills in decision making.

Next best thing to a hollow

When trees get cleared homes need to be provided.