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NENW Landcare Adventure 2017

Farming Smarter Communities

Education Community

Farm Biosecurity for Glen Innes producers

GLENRAC has hosted an evening information event on 26th September 2017 to connect livestock producers with information on farm biosecurity planning. The event attracted 156 participants.

Sustainable Agriculture Livestock Workshops Community Biosecurity Resources

Think Big Rural Women Program

Partnership with Big Sky Ideas

Fish Ladder Cycle Tours

Guided cycling tour of the four Parramatta River weirs

Biodiversity Education Community Local Government Waterways (streams and rivers aka riparian)

Supporting Groups to achieve their goals

Western Slopes & Plains Group Health Cropping Resources Planning Sustainable Agriculture

Local Native Vegetation Tour, Wanganella & Zara Sandhill

‘The garden and beyond... A planting guide to increase biodiversity in the house paddock’

Bourke Ain't Caught Nuffin' Fishing club

Bourke's Annual Carp Muster and Major Fishing Comp

Riparian Pest control Aquaculture Community

'Hollow As Homes' school visits

Educating the next generation will ensure tree hollows, which take generations to develop, are available Australian fauna

Woody Weeds training Watagan Creek

Rehabilitation of Watagan Creek is a a priority for Wollombi Landcare so a workshop was held to address the issues.

Riparian Weed control Waterways (streams and rivers aka riparian) Regeneration of native vegetation Resources for volunteers

Winter Music Festival Gets Dirty

Planning a Native Riparian Plant Propagation Workshop in conjunction with the Bellingen Winter Music Festival LeaF Program

Flying Landcare with Drone Technology

Murrumbidgee Landcare launched into action when the opportunity arose to join a drone day

Connecting to culture

Aboriginal youth take on river restoration projects around Bourke.

Riparian Youth engagement Education Cultural Heritage Waterways (streams and rivers aka riparian)

Restored Wetland Education Pilot

Using the site as an educational epicentre to educate students on the importance of wetlands.

From little things, big things grow

Coolamon Landcare works with peri-urban landholders

Council Support Provides Certainty

Historic MOU firms up partnership

Communities Caring for the Environment

Building social capital to increase land conservation activities

Building fruit tree pruning skills

Supporting the Orange ELF Community Garden

Shaping up with Land Care

Coordinator’s building networks with community groups to undertake land care workshops.


Jabiru Geenbeinga Wetlands

National Tree Day event