The Western Landcare NSW Inc. Steering Committee aims to fulfil its purpose by encouraging Landcare and other producer groups to undertake projects and implement management strategies that improve the quality of our soils, water and vegetation. The ultimate aim for the WLNSW Steering Committee is to enable an increase in biodiversity whilst sustaining agricultural production for current and future generations.

Western Landcare NSW Inc. supports a number of Natural Resource Management groups and whole communities in the Western Region to enhance sustainable agricultural outcomes.

In the Western Region the Landcare approach comprises several ideals:

  • a philosophy influencing the way people live in the landscape while caring for the land
  • local community action putting this philosophy into practice
  • a range of knowledge including generation sharing, local/state/national group support mechanisms
  • facilitators/coordinators
  • government and non-government programs and partnerships

 To contact your Local Landcare Coordinator in your area please see details below.

Northern Region
Local Landcare Coordinator

Georgia Anderson


Landcare Groups Bogan Baitors 
Warrego Landcare Group
Mt Hope Pest Control Group
Gilgunnia Landcare Group
Tilpa Pest Management Group
Warrego-Paroo Pest Control Group
Buckwaroon Landcare Group
Culgoa Vertabrate Pest Animal Management Group
Ledknapper Wild Dog Action Group
Louth Chamber of Commerce
Wanaaring Landcare Group
Bourke Landcare Group
Western Region
Local Landcare Coordinator

Tracey Lauritsen


Landcare Groups Barrier Area Rangecare Group
Cobb Highway PMG
Pine Creek Area Rangecare Group
Koonenberry NRM Group
Talyawalka Pest Management Group
NBK Pest Management Group
Topar Area Rangecare Group
Landcare Broken Hill
Far West Rangelend Rehydration Alliance
Southern Region
Landcare Coordinator

Landcare Groups Gol Gol Community Reference Group
Wentworth Angling Club
Culpra Station Landcare Inc
Lower Anabranch Farming Initiative Group
Homebush Landcare Group
Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
Bottle Bend Reserve Land Managers
Willandra Landholders Alliance
Terawynia Landcare Group
Southern Region
Regional Landcare Coordinator - Schools

Vanessa Anderson


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