Collective Action Against Pests

Rangecare group finds success in group baiting

Collective Action Against Pests

Rangecare group finds success in group baiting

Taking Action -


The issue

The Pine Creek Area Rangecare Group (PCARG) consists of landholders and land managers in the area south of Broken Hill, NSW. For a long time this area has been actively engaged in Landcare activities, however, in recent years group action has been limited with most land holders working independently to address critical natural resource management issues like vertebrate pests and weeds. The area had lacked a driver to bring the group together to work collectively to improve on ground outcomes.

The solution

With the assistance of the Local Landcare Coordinator from Broken Hill, a pest management champion was identified in the group and together an initiative was put in place to drive coordinated group baiting for the group in line with the region wide NSW Local Land Services baiting program. The Landcare Coordinator worked closely with the LLS Biosecurity Officer to arrange the logistics for the group and with the group's baiting champion to invite all landholders to join the coordinated baiting program and ensure that all landholders, even those who were not joining the bait, were informed and aware of the program and were able to voice their ideas.

The impact

By actively engaging with all of the landholders (more than 20 stations) in the area and talking through the opportunities available for collective baiting and the increased benefits and outcomes of working together, 12 properties came together to bait simultaneously for wild dogs and foxes as part of the LLS Spring baiting program. Throughout the planning process the Local Landcare Coordinator worked to build the capacity for the group to take full ownership of the baiting program in future rounds.

Key facts

  • 12 Landholders engaged in collective dog and fox baiting for the first time
  • 5900 baits delivered across the group

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