Going Where No Landcarer has Gone Before

Starting the new Lower Darling Landcare group along the Darling River

Going Where No Landcarer has Gone Before

Starting the new Lower Darling Landcare group along the Darling River

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The issue

When the new Local Landcare Coordinator started in March 2016 there were many blank patches identified in much of southwest New South Wales where no Landcare groups were operating. Included in these vast Landcareless rangelands was the Darling River and the township of Pooncarie.

The solution

The word was sent out through various newsletters, newspapers and email channels that the new Local Landcare Coordinator, based out of Buronga, was going on a 4 day round trip visiting various communities to meet with interested landholders and discuss the natural resource management issues and opportunities. The trip was supported by Western Local Land Services who also had staff doing a similar trip for similar reasons. The trip totaled to over 18 hours driving around southwestern NSW and being stationed at Pooncarie, Ivanhoe, Mossgiel and Hillston, giving interested landholders the chance to easily come together and have a chat about their interest in starting new Landcare groups and projects.

The impact

The trip was a great success with the Local Landcare Coordinator talking with many interested landholders and identifying multiple opportunities to start new Landcare groups and  new NRM projects. One such group to start from this has been the Lower Darling Landcare group. Based just north of Pooncarie along the Darling River this landcare group aims to slow or even reverse the current erosion processes that are occurring along the river that runs through their properties. It is still very early days for this Landcare group but with big plans and lots of potential projects on the horizon it is an exciting time for Landcare in the Pooncarie area.

Key facts

  • New Local Landcare Coordinator travels around the region to encourage the formation of new landcare groups.
  • A new landcare group has started along the Darling River where no Landcare group has operated before
  • The Lower Darling Landcare Group consists of up to 14 properties all looking to improve their soil health and reduce erosion along the Darling River.