Invading Mesquite

Invading Mesquite and Cleaner Ways to Control it on Grazing Land

Invading Mesquite

Invading Mesquite and Cleaner Ways to Control it on Grazing Land

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The issue

Mesquite was introduced by the mines in Broken Hill in the 1940s to re-veg skimp dumps. The hybrid used was spineless and didn’t spread. Some landholders thought them a good choice for shade and the pods nutritious for stock. Within a few years they reverted to wild types which began to spread. Mesquite is an aggressive invader of the rangelands which blocks access to watering points and shades out more useful plants. It’s a priority weed in Western NSW.  Mesquite is generally controlled with a brew of herbicide and diesel. Diesel is expensive, hard on equipment and unpleasant for humans. 

The solution

There are other products available on the market that don’t use diesel and instead are mixed with water. Producers are reluctant to change what is working. Without seeing results, it can be expensive to purchase new equipment and products that are not proven. Western Landcare along with ENVU were able to have three demonstration days showing the use of some alternative methods of tackling Mesquite and early results are encouraging.

The impact

Mesquite will continue to choke out native plant species unless practical user-friendly solutions are found. 50 participants from the Western NSW rangelands were able to join us at these demonstration days and were shown alternative methods to target Mesquite. This has educated landholders/managers with a better way of controlling pest weed species and has supported better land management practices.


The interest shown in finding safer cleaner more effective alternatives demonstrates the need for more support and information sharing in the rural farming community.

Key facts

  • Western Landcare endeavours to support landholders with current pest weed species solutions
  • There are alternatives to carcinogenic additives for better weed and land management
  • Mesquite is an introduced invasive weed

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