Reinvigorating Landcare Groups

Fords Bridge Landcare Group

Reinvigorating Landcare Groups

Fords Bridge Landcare Group

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The issue

Fords Bridge Landcare Group in the western Region was highly active up until 2009, however following a harsh drought and a significant changeover of Landholders in the region the group became inactive.

At the commencement of 2016 Landholders in the Fords bridge area were becoming increasingly aware that they were all having the same land management problems and that working on these together would increase their chances of finding a solution, gaining funding and building community moral.

The solution

Landholders in the Fords Bridge area contacted their Local Landcare Coordinator in Bourke and discussed their concerns and the need to reinvigorate the old Fords Bridge Landcare Group.

The first step to starting the group was to determine a date and location for a start-up meeting and BBQ, Landholders in the Fords Bridge area were the contacted by both the Local Landcare Coordinator and Interested Landholders and informed of the meeting.

The meeting was held in Fords Bridge and over 20 Landholders participated, in a conversation about starting a new group and the best way to do this and projects and training they would like to undertake.

The impact

Although the group is still in the initial start-up phase the result of the first meeting saw a committee elected, a membership fee determined and list of jobs created for both the Local Landcare Coordinator and newly elected committee to undertake to get the group up and running.

Landholders who participated in the meeting were able to brainstorm ideas for the region and determined three pivotal projects they would like to undertake over coming years.

These were a field day looking at best practice management on properties in the area for controlling Invasive Native Scrub, applying for funding to support on ground soil erosion control and group baiting days to collaboratively control feral species in the region.

Key facts

  • After 6 years of no activity the Fords Bridge Landcare Group has reinvigorated itself with the support of their Local Landcare Coordinator and determined a range of projects they hope to undertake in coming years