AMCLandcare began on-ground weed clearing and tree planting along Maguires Creek in June 2016. Since then, about 6,000 tubestock comprising 40 species of local provinence rainforest have been planted. The site provides a riparian corridor extending 1km from Lumley Park Reserve to the Alstonville Bypass (Bruxner Highway). The majority of the plantings are within Ballina Shire (riparian) Reserve that forms the western boundary of Alstonville. All works have been undertaken in accordance with the "Bulwinkel Park and Surrounding Reserves, Alstonville Vegetation Restoration Plan" adopted by BSC in 2018. AMCLandcare comprises a regular core team of 7 volunteers, supplemented during planting season by family, friends and several local school groups. Ballina Shire Council has provided ongoing support for this project since 2016, with including plants from its Gap Road nursery. In addition, the project has attracted a broad range of sponsorship from industry and the local community. Further Info" see Ballina Shire Council 'Community Connect' Nov, 2019, pp 34 - 35

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