Urunga Coastal Freshwater Wetlands Rehabilitation Program - stage one

Engaging the community in improving the condition of the Urunga coastal freshwater wetland on floodplain in NSW endangered ecological community.

This project running during 2019-21 focuses on the restoration of a number of EECs in the Urunga Wetlands, including Swamp Schlerophyll Forest on coastal floodplain, Freshwater wetlands on coastal floodplain and Littoral Rainforest. This beautiful and rare wetland, a known nesting site of the Black-necked Stork, is located on the edge of the Urunga residential area and is threatened by invasive weeds and ongoing dumping of garden waste. Bush regeneration works, community partnerships, education and interpretive signage will ensure continued protection and resilience of these environmentally significant wetlands, alleviating community concerns about weed invasion in an area popular for its passive recreation values, including walking and bird watching. Funded by the NSW Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation program. Photo credit: John Bennett