Bemboka River Reserve Project

The aim of this project is to preserve and restore 40 acres of crown land between Colombo Creek, the Bemboka River and the cemetery. This reserve is a significant example of Lowland Grassy Woodland in the South East Corner Bioregion, an ecological community listed as in danger of becoming extinct under the Threatened Species Conservation Act in NSW.

We continually maintain and restore the Reserve, working with the Rural Fire Service to conduct annual mosaic burns and with the Bega Shire council to spray noxious weeds during the summer months. We use fences, including a flood fence across Colombo Creek to keep cattle out of the Reserve. Volunteers using a ride-on mower maintain grass walking trails.  Each year we apply for funding to improve infrastructure through projects such as hardwood steps to reduce erosion and revegetation along the creek. Two large shelters, one at each entrance, inform visitors of the flora and fauna native to the Reserve.