Environmental Trust Grant continues to assist Big Scrub Landcare improve habitats for threatened species

Rehabiliation across a number of important Big Scrub rainforest remnants has been undertaken as a result of funding from the NSW Environment Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation Program. This is the Big Scrub Landcare’s 10th Trust funded project; Rehabilitating Critically Endangered Lowland Subtropical Rainforest. Alcheringa, located approximately 5km north Alstonville, is one of the remnants that has benefited from this program. There are historic records of the Spotted Tail Quoll, also known as the Tiger Quoll, (Dasyurus maculates) occuring within a 2 km radius of the Alcheringa remnant. The Spotted Tail Quoll is mostly nocturnal and is about the size of a domestic cat, with irregular white spots on its back and tail, and a pale belly. It is the second largest of the worlds surviving carnivorous marsupials Spotted-tailed quolls inhabit rainforest, eucalyptus forest, creek and river forest habitats but will also venture into adjoining woodlands and open pasture land in search of food. They are classified as vulnerable in NSW and are endangered nationally. Once common across south eastern Australia, since European settlement quoll numbers have declined due to habitat loss and modification across the land, introduced predators such as foxes, deliberate poisoning and shooting and trapping, primarily in response to chicken predation and roadkill. More than 40 flora species and more than 30 fauna species listed as threatened under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act occur in Big Scrub remnants. When weeds take over our remaining rainforest the habitat for native animals and plants is degraded. Protecting Big Scrub remnants from threats such as weed invasion, assists in the protection and potential recovery of species like the Spotted Tail Quoll. Alcheringa Landowners Roger and Lora Child work regularly alongside bush regenerators on site controlling weeds. Dan Cox, the EnviTE Environment Co-ordinator for Richmond said “ it is enthusiatic landowners like Roger and Lora who dedicate time and energy to the rehabilitation of their remant and are committed to maintenance of these areas in the future that contribute to the success of this project” For more information about Big Scrub Landcare go to; https://www.bigscrubrainforest.org.au To find out more about the Spotted tail Quoll you can check the Office of Environment and Heritage “Saving our Species” website. The Nature Conservation Trust is currently running a campaign “Who is Quentin” to raise awareness about and protect the habitat of Spotted Tail Quolls. http://nct.org.au/nature-conservation/wildlife/endangered-animals/spotted-tail-quoll.html