Rehabilitating/restoring endangered lowland subtropical rainforest - NSW Environmental Trust Community Bush Regeneration Program

Over six years, his multi-stakeholder project involves: (1) regenerating and improving the ongoing health, resilience and ecological connectivity of 640 hectares of critically endangered lowland rainforest of subtropical Australia, which is habitat for 43 species listed as threatened under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and is home to less than 70 threatened species under the NSW Threatened Species Act ; (2) improving the capacity of and engaging through community plantings the members of Big Scrub Landcare and Bangalow Land and Rivercare, two local community groups whose primary purpose is to undertake environmental works in their local area to protect, restore and enhance the environment; and (3) engaging these members and the broader community and enhancing their knowledge of endangered lowland rainforest, including its unique biodiversity values, its critically endangered status and to motivate them to aid its restoration by caring for remnants and regenerating rainforest on their properties.