Our group covers the Hawkins and Lawsons Creek Catchments. Most members live in the Lue, Pyangle and Mt. Knowles areas, near Mudgee.

Our membership fees are $35.00 per property and membership ranges between 20 and 30 properties.

Meetings are held at LUE Public School 4 times per year.

Past projects have included Tree Plantings around the Lue Tip and Railway Crossing, A Farming for the Future (8 day) Course, Education programmes aimed at managing Dryland Salinity, Water Quality testing.

A current major concern is the possible development of an open cut Lead and Silver mine 2 kms from Lue village.

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The group was formed in 1996 with the first meeting held at “Thurston Grove” on Sunday, 22 September 1996. The initial focus area for the group was the area known as “Bingman Crossing” where a large Yellow Box log supplied by Dusty Ireland was placed in front of Robert Rosewarne’s gate on 18 May 1997. The words "BINGMAN LANDCARE" were later engraved on to the log by a visiting European chainsaw wood carver.

The area covered by the group extends from the property “Glendos” in the east (which includes the western watershed of the Great Dividing Range) to just past the Rocky Waterhole Road about 5 kms east of Mudgee. This makes the length of the area covered by the Group between 50 - 60 kilometres. It includes the catchments of Hawkins, Lawson and Stony Creeks.

Bingman Catchment Landcare Group Incorporated members have a continuing interest in managing the landscape in a sustainable manner and in developing a deeper understanding of the natural resources and natural forces at work in the environment. The members of the Group continue to take a proactive stance and endeavour to keep abreast of new ideas and innovative projects conducted in other areas.

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