Binya Close Bushcare was started by Penny Watson and like minded people in July 2002 living in the Hornsby Heights area.

Past land use site:

It was formerly a residential and agricultural site with remains of a dwelling (includes asbestos, building rubble and fill and a cultivated area which was used as an orchard.


o Protect and restore the vegetation community  with particular attention to the threatened plant  species on site which is Persoonia mollis subsp. maxima.

o Protect and restore fauna habitat with particular attention to threatened species on site which are the Red Crowned Toadlet and the Giant Burrowing Frog. The Powerful Owl has also been observed in the area.

o Manage former construction area to

  • minimise OHS risks to volunteers and general public
  • improve visual amenity and habitat values
  • contain spread of weed propagules to areas of good bush


o Manage track area to balance the following requirements:

  • allow for easy vehicular access
  • optimise frog habitat (drain)
  • minimise dispersal of weeds into bushland areas
  • improve visual amenity

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