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Blackwood Sanctuary contains approximately 1.4 hectares of Blue Gum High Forest, a section of old road identified as part of the convict built Great Northern Road and historical sawpits dating from the period when hardwoods were extensively logged in northern Sydney. Blue Gum High Forest of the Sydney Basin Bioregion is listed as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community under NSW and federal legislation. A corridor of bushland runs from Observatory Park, through Blackwood Sanctuary to the adjoining school

The group has been meeting fortnightly since 2004, led by a trained supervisor, and has made great progress. New volunteers are always welcome.

Interesting fauna is present in or near Blackwood Sanctuary. The powerful owl, listed as vulnerable in the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act, has been seen foraging in the area. An echidna, native bees, a large stick insect, possums, a Pacific baza, eastern and crimson rosellas, superb fairy wrens, a dollar bird, whipbirds and various skinks have all been observed in the reserve.

Blackwood is significant in the history of the bush regeneration industry as it was here that Joan Bradley was employed by the National Trust in the 1970s as part of a pilot scheme to restore the site. This lead directly to the Trust’s bush management education programs and establishment of the Trust’s Bushland Management Division whose role was to restore bushland for bushland managers such as Councils.

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