1200 trees and shrubs planted

About 1200 trees and shrubs were planted over the June 2019 long weekend by volunteers from Bowning-Bookham Landcare Group and the community. Weather was good and we had great food and a bonfire.

Hurrah! An amazing effort over the weekend from so many people resulted in about 1200 trees and shrubs planted and guarded and watered on 4 properties. So congratulations to all involved, and a big thank you from the landholders and of course the environment and all who depend upon it (ie everyone, whether they know it or not). While not blisteringly hot, the weather was kind to us, and the rain on Monday was fantastic. Along with the hard work (made easier and more fun by working in teams) lots of socialising happened with lunches, afternoon teas, and another delicious home cooked meal at Bookham Hall on Saturday night and a BBQ and bonfire on Sunday night courtesy of the Armours to wrap up the weekend.

As I was finishing off the last part on our place on Monday (in the rain), I reflected on the stark contrast between solitary and group efforts in tasks like this, and I know which one I prefer!

A special thank you to Elizabeth for bringing all of this into being. Your endless energy and positivity is an inspiration to us all.

Bowning-Bookham Districts Landcare

Landcare volunteers having teabreak under the trees