Climate Resilient Landscapes

A Planting Guide for the Northern Rivers Region.

Climate Resilient Landscapes

A Planting Guide for the Northern Rivers Region.

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The issue

The development of the guide started after the bush fires. People wanted to understand what plants are good in extreme climates.

The solution

The 40-page booklet will help landowners in the Northern Rivers to adapt their gardens and properties to the impacts of climate change.

A complement to the very popular My Local Native Garden Guide, Climate Resilient Landscapes provides tips on designing and planning a garden using natives plants that are resilient in our changing climate.

We reviewed 10 years of previous plantings and observed local bushland to inform the plant choices. We asked - what survived the fires, what fed wildlife in drought, what was good when landslides occurred?

The guide has four landscape sections so can be used throughout the Northern Rivers. Each of the 4 landscape sections has a list of local endemic native plants and information on the plant’s different tolerances and resiliencies under the conditions found in each location. For example there are 24 species listed to create resilient riverine and alluvial gardens.

The impact

Local native species are easy to grow, are adapted to the extremes of our climate, and can offer a lot of colour and texture to make your garden beautiful.’

‘Most importantly, a native garden will help create connectivity between patches of habitat for the movement of native plants and animals.

Would you like to see some of the plants included in the guide in real life? Then head over to Brunswick Valley Heritage Park, Maslen Arboretum in Mullumbimby and you can visit the Climate Resilient demonstration garden planted and cared for by volunteers.

The booklets are now available for download on Brunswick Valley Landcare’s website, Byron Shire Council’s office in Mullumbimby, your local Landcare Coordinator or the Library.

Case Study on Adapt NSW Growing resilience: Planting for a changing climate | AdaptNSW

This project has been supported by funding from the NSW Government through it’s ‘Increasing Resilience to Climate Change’ (IRCC) community grants. For more information, visit

Key facts

  • 3000 guides printed and distributed to the Northern Rivers community.
  • demonstration garden planted with signage.
  • audit of past plantings to inform species choices for the book.

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